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Online Banking Fraud

In the past 10 years, online banking has exploded, with millions of customers checking their balances and moving money around through Web browsers.

Such activity has created a goldmine for cybercriminals, who hack into online bank accounts and transfer large sums to accounts they control.

Many small and medium-sized business owners have become the latest target of cybercriminals.   Business accounts are perfect targets for criminals because the cash balances are higher than those of retail banking accounts.

How to guard against risks

There are several risks for businesses that use online banking services.
  • Phishing scams, particularly those related to the email account tied to the online business bank account;
  • "Man-in-the-middle" attacks that can intercept, redirect or reformat communications between the customer and the bank, without either party's knowledge;
  • Fraudulent or corrupted websites, which can silently infect Web browsers; and
  • Public or unsecure Wi-Fi networks, which can result in banking-session hijacks.

The following tips can help protect your business from online threats:

Manage your risks:  Have protocols in place for securing data, and identify someone responsible for managing data security.

To better protect themselves against financial theft, businesses should understand how cybercriminals work, the techniques they use and the tools at their disposal.

Educate your employees: Make your employees aware of the cyber-criminal tactics:
  • Access online banking sessions from their favorites or from the bank’s website. 
  • Do NOT link through an email that may be fraudulent.
  • Do not open or download files from unknown sources that may contain Trojans or other malware.
  • Monitor your online activity to look for any unauthorized transactions.
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